Randy is ready to deliver on priorities that matter most to families in Ward 5.

Creating Jobs & Opportunity

London is in the grips of a serious jobs crisis. We have the lowest employment rate in Ontario—and while middle class incomes in Canada rose by 11%, Londoners got a 2% cut. City Hall needs to take decisive action to attract and retain quality jobs to our community.

Slow Down on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Families in Ward 5 have been loud and clear: the current BRT plan does not work for our community. City Hall needs to slow down, listen, and make corrections to the plan before it can move forward.

Make Life Easier for Families

City Hall should make your life easier, not harder and more complicated. Common-sense ideas like weekly garbage pick-up, quality road maintenance, and better promoting existing services and community organizations are prudent examples of how London can improve services while saving money.

Promoting Real Consultation

Londoners elect councillors to represent them, but that doesn’t mean they know everything. Whether it’s a massive project like London’s BRT or something as simple as a development proposal, you deserve to heard. That’s why I pledge to improve transparency and deliver real consultation that works for London families.